Astrolabe for Geomatics & Mapping (AGM), is based on and the continuation of "Astrolabe Consulting Engineers (ACE)" that was founded in 1993 in Tripoli specializing in geodetic and topographic surveying, photogrammetry, and GIS base mapping. Since then we have executed directly or subcontracted many projects as follows:

I- Pipelines





Faregh to A103

108 km.



Ubari to Zawia

750 km. 



Jakhira to A103

80 km.



Zwitina to Benghazi P. Station

174 km.

Sirt Oil 


EN-Naga to Samah

94 km



WAFA – Mellitah

525 km 



WAFA Gathering area

150 km



Jakhira GOSP to B1 Manifold

16 km



Tahaddi to Valve Station

23 km.  

Sirt Oil



45 km



Jakhira gas lift pipeline

26 km


IV Oil & Gas

Nakhla new Trunk pipline

07 km 



Mabrouq-Bahi pipeline

28 km



Gharyan trunk pipeline

20 km




25 km




20 km




30 km




87 km



NC118 to Valve station No. 8

 59 km

Mellitah Gas

AGOCO new trunklines

49 km



II- Geodetic survey

We have carried out many geodetic and topographic survey works for:- 1-AGIP NAME -150 ground control points as one network for seismic survey -45 ground control points for Magneto-telluric survey stations - we provided the needed local support and all the logistics to make about 175 Magneto-telluric stations.

We have executed the regional control survey in Murzuq Basin and tie to the ITRF stations to establish WGS84 system in the Murzuq and Kufrah basins . Aeromagnetic survey for the concession NC187. and Ground Control for the DTM of M1 block.

3- IPC
We have organized the field survey team and geodetic survey of 600 gravity points for IPLL Company.

We have carried out a lot of geodetic and topographic survey to the Great Man Made River Water Utilization Authority (Agriculture projects more than 30000 hectares, including design of irrigation networks, earth reservoir, roads, pipelines, ..etc) Abusheba road 23 km. ‘survey and design’, the base maps for 225000 hectares in Tripoli region using Quick Bird Satellite images, and surveying and building a GIS data base for 70000 hectares for agricultural water distribution in the coastal belt in Tripoli region, and now we are carrying out the survey and GIS base mapping and design of water distribution network of about 100 km. to irrigate an existing agriculture project.

5- Wintershall
Beside the above mentioned pipelines we have also executed profile survey for the telecommunication links for the 4 GOSP in Jakhira area, we have also performed geodetic survey to determine  all wells locations in their concessions and many wells and markers in and around their concessions, for the exploration department we locate and site survey their new wells to be drilled, we do all of their map-updating and Geo-referencing to their concessions. Air-photo ground control in NC201, and recently 277 gravity points with CG5 gravity meter.

6- Total TLOG and CPTL
Aero magnetic survey for  NC191 for Total, Locating and marking the new wells to be drilled in Mabrouk field and in NC191 concession., we have carried out the Geodetic ground control net work for NC42 Block 2&4

7- General Electrical Company of Libya (GECOL)
We have done bathymetric survey for the sea-water intakes for North of Benghazi power station, east of Tripoli power station, West of Tripoli desalination plant and South of Benghazi desalination plant, Derna new water intake system, and new Azwarah desalination plant, route selection of High Tension power lines in Tripoli region.

8- Stucky
We have made the topographic survey of the 3 earth dam sites in Wadi Talal in Sirt.

9- Authority of Agriculture
Topographic survey to many agriculture projects, i.e Wadi Il-loud project 10000 hectares, and other site total 100000 hectares, and many other small projects.

10- The Higher Committee for the twin cities of Brega and Ras-Lanouf
We have made the topographic surveys for some small project sites, one at Berat Al-Hassoun and an other at Intisar 103A oil field and a third at the Brega old camp, route selection and detailed surveys for the water pipeline from Ras-Lanouf complex to the reservoir that feeds the town about 20 km long.

11- UNDP
We have made the Cartographic survey of the old city and Oasis of Ghadames.

12- Tourism Board investment
We have finished surveying 80 sites for foreign investment along the Mediterranean sea and we are surveying many more sites along the Libyan cost.

Conducted  topographic and soil surveys for two agricultural projects one in CHAD for 20000 hectares and one in Mali for 25000 hectares. (with economic visibility)

14- SWP
Surveying the first part of Sebha 3rd ring road for geometric design

15- Land Registry Authority (LRA)
Currently we are carrying out the field work survey to the rural areas of 10 offices, a total of about 76,530 parcels

III- Marking the locations of oil and gas wells to be drilled
We have set out and marked in the field over two hundreds wells before drilling for:- ENI Gas BV

  • Wintershall Libya
  • Total CPTL-Maprouq
  • OXY Libya
  • Woodside Energy
  • BG Libya
  • Statoilhydro
  • OMV

     In many of the surveys we have carried out also the Geotechnical survey for the pipelines as well, this includes, 525 km. Of Agip Gas pipeline, 26km of Wintershall Gas lift project, 23km of road for GMRWUA., 28 km. of pipeline and GOSP extension for Total Libya, 59 km of Mellitah gas B.V.

    We had assisted the Surveying Department of Libya in establishing the new Libyan geodetic datum of  Libya (LGD2006)

    The follow is a list of our present working equipment and accessories:

      • 18 new Geodetic RTK GPS units of Lieca System 1250 L5, and 6 RTK GPS units of System 1230 Model GX1230 and  3 units of RTK GPS SR530 real time geodetic differential receivers. With 3 licenses of Geo-office for post processing software also from Leica.
      • Hand held GPS navigators from garmin (25) units
      • Modern Survey Total stations one system (1200) from Leica and two total stations from Geotronics
      • Automatic levels
      • Many A0 plotters from HP
      • 4X4 Toyota (16) cars
      • Satellite phones (Thurya)
      • All needed accessories to do topographic, geodetic and related projects.
      • A small survey boat for near off shore bathymetry surveys i.e. for sea water intakes and marinas.